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the C-litter "de la Maison du Garde-Barrière"



On March 3rd, 1998 I have had my first babies after "Ugo dit SAMSON de la Morne Plaine", three males and three females, all of them black and, of course, with the necessary double dew claws. My owner said that concerning the weights it is a well-balanced litter. Besides she mentioned that I've done great work: in just 2 hours and 15 minutes I have born 6 puppies. It will be that way when she says so. And I must admit that she has assisted me perfectly and I could rely on her completely.

Only two males, "Chivas Regal" and "Clochard" remained in Austria. The others were taking more or less far away trips: "Celine" to California, "Champagne" to Australia, and "Chloé" to Canada, "Chaos" is in Sweden. "Clochard", our nestling, left his native place on May 1st, 1998 and has began his new life in the county Upper Austria. "Chivas Regal" has left our house on 05/03/1998, to continue his further life in the county Carinthia. "Celine" and "Chloé" have left their native places on 05/21/1998, travelling to France with my human. There "Celine" was given to her owner on 05/23/1998, and left France in direction to California on 05/25/1998. "Chloé" left my boss on 05/24/1998 to spend one more day in Paris and then leave to Toronto to her new owner. "Chaos" was picked up from his owner on 12/11/1998 and left Austria by air way on 12/14/1998. "Champagne" had the longest trip: she went to Sydney on 02/23/1999, where she spent 30 days in quarantine before she continued her trip to Toowoomba, again by air line.


Through the following pics you can get to the photo galleries of each single kid of the C-litter

Chivas Regal Chaos Celine Chloé Clochard Champagne
"Chivas Regal"
03/03/98 - 08/25/98
CSNB-carrier, HD C
"Ch. Celine"
CSNB-, HD-clear
"Ch. Chloé"
CSNB-, HD-clear
"Ch. Champagne"
All of a sudden life turned to the very bad side for three persons: for my human and for the owners of my son "Chivas Regal": On Aug. 25th, 1998 the boy died - he was rolled over by the car of his owner and was immediately dead. What a terrible accident on the own farm, what a tragedy. Hard to believe that little "Chivas Regal" is on the rainbow bridge now, so young, just 9 days before he would have turned 6 months of age. Much too early!!! He just opened his eyes, he just started recognizing his surrounding, he just began to eat additional food himself, he just began to run around and play with his litter mates as well as with Samson and me, he just left the house, ....... and now??? He will never run around again, he will never drive crazy again when he meets his owners and us, there will be no more a wagging tail from little "Chivas Regal" and a kiss when he's cuddled, ..... We thank heaven that he did not have to suffer from pain, but still we can't believe it. We never saw "Chivas Regal" again since he left the kennel, we only know that his owners were so pleased with him, full of love for this boy. In one part of my human's heart she has kept his last pictures and she'll never forget him. All we can do now is remembering some wonderful 2 months with "Chivas Regal" while growing up from a helpless puppy to a wonderful boy. .....

It happened to be that "Clochard" had to be rescued out of the hands of his former owner. Within few hours my human found a new home for him: The owners of Chivas Regal. But we have heard - unfortunately never by the owner itself - that "Clochard" is also dead.

But we can also report about real nice things, about an adventure our human had: she spent 8 days in Canada with the Harpers, Aiden and my daughter "Chloé", but also lots of friends - well known and new ones. She really enjoyed that time. "Chloé" knew her when they met at the airport - the little girl drove crazy! My human says that "Chloé" is as furry as I am and she also says that in several movements she saw me. I would love to join her on her next trip to Canada in the year 2000, but I have heard her say that only our smallest gang member, the Yorkie-girl "Gizmo" is going to join her. How sad, I would have liked to see my daughter again.

Actually it happened that she did not only take "Gizmo" with her, but also me. This trip was not how my human had planned it: besides the fact that we all went back home 10 days earlier than previously planned, I had nearly died in the very beginning of our flight to Canada. You can read about my horror trip if you haven't so yet. The days that we spent in the USA on the occasion of the BCA's National Specialty where really great and unexpectively successful: only 5 days after I could celebrate a second birth I passed the CGC, I was preselected, selected, went Winners Bitch and was second with my kids "Cou" and "Romeo" in the Brood Bitch Class (out of 16 groups). We had to cancel all the other entered shows in the States and in Canada, but the one and only show that I visited in Canada was also very successful: WB, BOB. And I could see some of my kids - that was great, but even more heart warming for my human as you will imagine.

We finally had a nice 9 days vacation in Southern France and Spain and came back home kind of relaxed. I heard my human say that she will never fly again with one of us dogs, except probably with "Gizmo" who is counted as access luggage. Not flying with one of us Briards means for sure that we will have funny car rides through Europe every now and then. I like that, I really do!

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