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YAZOO's Horror Trip with AIR FRANCE Aug. 4/5, 2000



Yazoo's Horrortrip is over - after her arrival from Paris to Toronto. She (and a puppy that we had with us) were not loaded by AIR FRANCE. Outcome:

Although EIGHT phone numbers in poster form had been written on the crate, NOBODY found it worth to even contact one single of these numbers, NOBODY found it worth, to look at the dogs, NOBODY from AIR FRANCE is willing, to give information about where the dogs remain, the tragedy takes its course: 40 hours in the kennel box, 40 hours NO water, ........

Yazoo is dehydrated, apathetic, lost her bearings, the blood circulation is down, the eyes are sunken and stare into space, she cannot get out of her crate by her own, she cannot stand by her own and of course not walk, ......... she does not know me.
The crate abounds in dirt and smells beasty.
Concerning the vet Yazoo would have had just about two more hours to survive. No show success comes close enough to our biggest win: YAZOO IS ALIVE - thank heaven !!!!! If she has consequential health damages will be found out in a couple of weeks.

The following photos are disgusting and shocking, but they are evidence for the handling of dogs at the hands of AIR FRANCE. The responsible Canadian authority, Government of Canada - Canadian Food Inspection (Agriculture Canada) has also taken pictures and will use these photos as proof in a law suit against AIR FRANCE.
Contrary to Europe animal care in Canada - and also in the USA - is mainly written in BIG letters; offence against it is often being punished with high fines but also with jail. As I have heard, the procedure went positive for the Canadian Government against AIR FRANCE, but I have no knowledge about how the condemnation was.

The ones who don't want to see this disgusting matter should not look at the pictures !!!

Anyway: Our nightmare is over now!


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AIR FRANCE has only given compensation for my own material damage: broken suitecase, broken camera, expired flight tickets. Concerning Yazoo, no indemnification was recovered, as in Europe a dog is a thing, and compensation for demage of things is limited or there is even no compensation. My trip began in Europe, the drama continued in Europe .......... therewith the valid European right at that time was used, and payment of any expenses concerning Yazoo (vet expenses, medication, expired show entry fees, hotel fees, car rental etc.) have been declined by AIR FRANCE resp. their attorney ..........

Article in Pulse 24 online from August 2000

The video clip with interview, which has been recorded by the Canadian news channel "City Pulse 24", is unfortunately not longer online available.

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