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When YAZOO told her story



  My name is "Yazoo". Well, that's how my friends call me, my real name is "Loulou des Cèdres de la Montagne Noire". I was born the country of origin of our breed, in beautiful France, was picked up by my human on September 30, 1995, and came to Austria on October 2, 1995, where I live together with a gang (Briards, Yorkies and Chinese Crested) and some other animals about 30km east from Vienna in a house with garden. Oh yes, and my owners are also allowed to live here .....

  Before I moved, there were just 295 other ones of our bred, I was registered as the 296th Briard .

  My show career began already at the age of six months, but I had and still have lots of fun with it, especially when my owner presents me, as I then can be very silly and fool about. My owner has another opinion of that and prefers to let me be presented by a friend, because I then behave much better. What a nonsense - they all should take it more easy! Well, in any way I got it to become Austrian Youth Champion within one month in the end of the year 1996. Wow - how happy all the family members were. That must have been because all the other Briards here did not check that. What shall I say about that?!?!?!

  With the shows I've come around through nearly all Europe and even oversea. Together with my owner I have been in Germany, Belgium, France, Slovakia, Czech, Canada and the United States. In summer 1997 I have passed the French breeding examination, the so called"conformation"; in May 2000 I was selected in Slovakia and in August 2000 I was selected in the United States of America. After a show rest for a year I was selected in Italy in October 2001. Besides that it's rather calm around working as I am very funny, silly, full of temperament and power. My owner has another interpretation around that: from time to time I don't like to obey immediately. That's her fault: she made her decision on me, not me on her. She always says that I need more attention than all the other Briards here in our gang together. Well, there MUST be a difference, I'm coming from beautiful France! :-)

  About my weddings and the birth of my kids you can read in this homepage in another place.

  Oh well, for the moment I have said enough about me. This page is not finished here - there are lots of things you can look at, if you're interested. And if you want to know, who the other ones in this Briard-gang are, I should be happy if you have a look at the homepage of the kennel "de la Maison du Garde-Barrière" after having seen through my own web site. You'll find the link to that site at the end of this page. I'm saying good-bye for now, I wish all of you just the best and a successful show season! Until soon - Yours


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