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the F-litter "de la Maison du Garde-Barrière"



My third and last litter was born on Dec. 24th, 2000. During my pregnancy I heard that my human said that it will be only a small litter, that it seemed - according to the ultrasound checks - that I had resorbed. My human and my vet thought that this happened maybe because I was mated only 2 months after I had had my horror trip to Canada and because of lack of holiday from my human she had to leave me back in the home of the stud. She blamed herself although I really like those humans from the stud,since I know them since I was a puppy myself. Ok - I did not want to be mated as long as my human was not there, but finally, when she came over to pick me up, I let it happen. Yeah - that's me! :-)

Well, she should not have made her calculations without me: I whelped 8 black puppies: 6 boys and 2 girls. 1 boy and 1 girl started to change color on the fifth day after birth - they should be grey ones black born; maybe the one or other of these kids will also turn grey. Sire of this litter is "NESCAFE des Pierrailles", HD- and CSNB clear, selected in France and Champion Germany-VDH (out of Ch. IDOLE des Monts d'en Crauzille x Ch. PIGALE du Clos des Cèdres).


This time it took a bit longer till we found nice and loving homes for the kids. We had, of course, inquiries, but some cancelled and there were some that I did not like. Finally on May 29th, 2001, the last one left this home.
The first one to go was "Fetiche FALCO Noir", he went to Italy. The next one was "Figaro MIRO Noir" - he turned to be a German now. "Foudre Ferrari Noir FERRI" went to Switzerland, "Femme Fatale Grise SASKIA" is in Austria. The next one to go - at an age of about 4 months - was "FLEURY d'Aude Noire"; she is a German, too, now and lives with her uncle "NOUN des Pierrailles".
Apparantly we had 3 of my sons here till they were 5 months old, which meant lots of action and partly stress in this house. Finally - within few days - my human found loving homes for two (both of that homes had lost Briard boys some weeks earlier):"Flic FENDI Noir" and "FERRE Fuego Noir" are both in Austria. One of these furry ones was decided to stay here: "FRIZZANTE Furioso Gris FRIZZY", the one that should turn grey (he also has his own web site under Briard Frizzy).


Through the following pics you can get to the photo galleries of each single kid of the F-litter

Frizzy Ferre Fendi Miro
"Frizzante Furioso Gris" Frizzy
CSNB-, HD-frei
"Ferre Fuego Noir" Ferre
"Flic Fendi Noir" Fendi
"Figaro Miro Noir" Miro
CSNB-, HD-frei
"Fetiche Falco Noir" Falco
"Fleury d'Aude Noire" Fleury
CSNB-frei, HD A/B
"Foudre Ferrari Noir" Ferri
CSNB-frei, HD B
"Femme Fatale Grise" Saskia"
CSNB-frei, HD
BgH 3, SchH 1, GH 2, IPO 3



Out of this litter Frizzy is shown more or less frequently; he has his full breeding conformation and for sure is an interesting stud. On September 20/21, 2005, he mated the black-born grey girl "Sél. OH-LALA des Monts d'en Crauzille". Therewith, my wonderful line shall once again be continued in the kennel.
I think every now and then my human will report about success or activities right here. For the moment I come to an end and hope you enjoy the slide shows of these furry ones. It's worth it to look at them.

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