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the E-litter "de la Maison du Garde-Barrière"



One year after my first litter I have puppies again. On May 18th, 1999 I have given birth to 4 males and 4 females - all black. This is a repeat breeding, so sire is again "Ugo dit SAMSON de la Morne Plaine". Also this time whelping was rather fast: in 4 1/2 hours all were born. And naturally all the puppies have again their necessary doubly dew claws.
It's rather funny and busy here again. We think that these puppies, too, are excellent - so the repeat breeding was worth it.


On July 19th "Esprit" left and will try to step into "Chivas Regal's" paw prints - seems he manages this really excellent.
On July 25th five of this litter left their native place to get to know their big sisters "Ch. Celine" & "Ch. Chloé": Ecstasy Noir "Romeo", Ecoute-moi chez Bailywick "Cou", Escada Noire "Raven" and El Ninjo Noir "Shadow" to the USA, where they will meet "Ch. Celine" sooner or later; Elysée "Echo" to Canada to "Ch. Dubonnet" who was born in the same kennel and to sister "Ch. Chloé".
The girl "Excuse-moi Whoopy" stays with her parents, "Einstein Noir" (05/18/1990 to 09/06/2006) had decided to live with "Arwa" and "Batida de Coco de la Maison du Garde-Barrière" and has left the house on October 2nd, 1999.


Through the following pics you can get to the photo galleries of each single kid of the E-litter

Einstein Romeo Whoopy Cou
"Einstein Noir"
"Ch. Ecstasy Noir" Romeo
CSNB-, HD-clear
"Excuse-moi Whoopy"
CSNB-, HD-clear
"Ch. Ecoute-moi chez Bailywick" Cou, CGC
CSNB-, HD-clear
"Elysée Noire" Echo
CSNB-Carrier, HD
"Escada Noire" Raven
"El Ninjo Noir" Shadow
"Esprit Noir"



Like in the C-litter, there are Champions in this breeding repeat as well: "Cou" and "Romeo" each turned to be Champ. USA in the year 2001.

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